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4 Feb: Minimum Age Clarification
2 Feb: Clarifications on Bending/Battling

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 4 Feb: Minimum Age Clarification
 Posted: Feb 3 2018, 10:06 PM
is played by Icarus.

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Given the huge role children play in both Avatar and Pokemon, it makes sense for us to allow children characters! Here are some guidelines regarding children characters:
  • The minimum age for characters is 12.
  • For all characters below 18 years of age, they may only use illustrated face claims.
  • Please do not get children characters involved in any sort of sexual RP content.
  • Please give these characters a realistic (read: more basic) level of bending ability and maturity.
  • Given their young age, it’s also quite unlikely for children trainers to own multiple high-powered Pokemon from the beginning. Thus, please make sure their teams are commensurate with the experience they gain throughout their RP journey.
  • Most of our characters are young adults. We welcome characters below 18, but please bear in mind that the age gap, which brings about different levels of ease with which one can move around in society and the city, might introduce interesting problems for plots to work around.
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