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 The Earth Gym Queue
 Posted: Jan 8 2018, 12:13 PM
is played by Icarus.

100 years ♦ Male ♦ 6 posts
♦ 6 元

The Earth Gym

The Earth Gym is a crater in the middle of a densely forested area. Huge boulders and gigantic trees line the arena’s rim, and the arena itself consists of a healthy layer of thick moist soil above a foundation of deep solid rock.

The Queue

To sign up for a battle, please post below and inform the Gym Leader through Discord.
Chao Li
 Posted: Jun 7 2018, 05:09 AM
is played by Daxton.

34 years ♦ Male ♦ 4 posts
♦ 14 元

Chao Li "Fang"
Chao Li can usually be found at the gym, laying on the ground and spacing out. He may acknowledge you're there, but the odds are that he'll stay somewhere in space. Calling out to him will bring him back down to earth.
Welcome to the Earth Gym! For general gym guidelines, please look here.

Gym Leaders will use Pokemon that match the strength of their challengers' Pokemon. Challengers may use any Pokemon they want, and Leaders will choose Pokemon of commensurate ability. Thus, before a battle, challengers should disclose which Pokemon they will use (be it in IC or OOC) so that Leaders may assemble their teams. In response, a Gym Leader will disclose the team they've assembled before the battle formally begins.

Sandshrew ● Male ● Sand Rush

Kind of doofy but is usually pretty good about keeping up with things. Easily underestimated because of how cute he is, this often frustrates him... especially when you call him cute.


Night Slash (EM) | Sandstorm ™

Mudbray ● Female ● Own Tempo

She's calm to the point that it's mistaken for apathy. Not many see how loving she can be, especially considering that a lot of her time shown to others is in battle. She doesn't mind though.


Magnitude (EM) | Rock Slide ™

Larvitar ● Male ● Sand Veil

He's prone to ill tempered rampages and Chao isn't a fan of them. They don't get along as well as they could, but Il-Seong listens to him long enough to get through the battles. All the rest of his time is spent sitting on a rock, sun bathing.


Stealth Rock (EM) | Assurance (EM)

Lairon ● Male ● Rock Head

He'll take his time getting there and no one can make him hurry. Hyeong (for short) is relatively lazy about actually getting up to go places, but can pick up his act to battle something.


Dragon Rush (EM) | Head Smash (EM)

Mudsdale ● Female ● Stamina

Just like all Mudsdale, she's unshakable. She enjoys laying next to Chao whenever he's at the gym, spacing out. Despite being a rental Pokemon, she's taken a liking to getting to battle with him, making her a very good listener.


Sandstorm ™ | Rock Slide ™ | Focus Blast ™

Donphan● Female ● Sand Veil

She's got issues that no one can quite figure out, but she listens well enough that she's now a gym Pokemon. Chao actually quite enjoys helping her ramp up and test her turns while rolling.


Ice Shard (Tutor) | Play Rough (Tutor) | Brutal Swing ™ | Sandstorm ™

Camerupt ● Male ● Solid Rock

Yanjiang is sluggish but precise with what he does. This surprisingly dexterous Camerupt can maneuver through tight areas and is even smart enough to hold his breath around stacked cards. He takes frequent naps and the temptation to take one in the middle of battle is greater than normal.


Ancient Power (EM) | Yawn (EM) | Sand Storm ™ | Solar Beam (tm

Flygon ● Female ● Levitate

She thinks she's a freakin queen...


Signal Beam (EM) | Throat Punch (Tutor) | Thunder Punch (Tutor)

Garchomp ● Male ● Sand Veil

He's a reflection of the anger the earth can hold. He withholds no attacks just like the others, but is unyielding in how and what he attacks them with. Outside of battle though, short temper aside, he's usually very calm, often curled up in a field, just laying there.


Outrage (Tutor) | Draco Meteor (Tutor) | Stealth Rock (Tutor) | Sandstorm ™

Swampert ● Male ● Damp

He does a lot of running. So much, that Chao Li often runs laps with him for exercise. He has a lot of energy to burn, along with this Pokemon, so he'll put it to good use, one way or another.


Yawn (EM) | Sludge Wave ™ | Scald ™ | Ice Beam ™

Aggron ● Male ● Rock Head

Jinshu is a meticulous aggron that has almost unending patience. He's easy going and has a particular talent with balance. Put something on him and he can maneuver without dropping it.


Magnet Rise (Tutor) | Stealth Rock (Tutor) | Thunder Punch (Tutor) | Water Pulse (Tutor)

love, libby

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