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 Ittula Dat-Tien, 24, Republic City, Michiko
Ittula Dat-Tien
 Posted: Feb 14 2018, 04:54 AM
is played by Giggles.

24 years ♦ Female/She/Her/Hers ♦ 0 posts
♦ 5 元

Ittula Dat-Tien
Age 24 Gender Female
Element Non-Bender
Face Claim Michiko (Michiko & Hatchin)
Full Name
Ittula Dat-Tien

Family Origin
Ittula was born and raised in Republic City by her parents: her father, Kuttok from the Southern Water Tribe, and her mother, Kim Dat-Tien from the Earth Kingdom (specifically the upper ring in Ba Sing Se).

Bending Style

Skills and Abilities
Ittula's skills and abilities lie primarily in business dealings and negotiations, invention and innovation, and scheming.

Living the life of luxury, fancy things (clothes especially dresses, drinks, cosmetics, etc), Southern Water Tribe food (she also really enjoys sweets and spicy food), cute fluffy Pokemon, light exercise, engineering, books

Not getting her way, being forced to stoop below her station (by having to carry her own luggage or not being waited on hand and foot), ghost Pokemon, intense exercise, hiking

Pansexual, Greyromantic

Entrepreneur for the Start-Up Company, "Shining Luxuries, Inc." She also stands to inherit her father and mother's company, "Kuttok Enterprises" when they retire.

From day one, Ittula has had life handed to her on a silver platter. Her doting (if somewhat distracted and prone to giving her whatever she wants to keep her out of trouble) parents made sure she had every possible advantage available to her, the best of everything: best education, best opportunities. But living the life of the rich and upper-class has its downsides. As a child, friendships with her same socioeconomic peers were often surface-deep and fraught with pettiness, rivalry, and backstabbing behavior.

This type of background led Ittula to not only grow into a spoiled young woman, but also one with shallow expectations regarding relationships and a "me first before everything" attitude. This isn't to say she's all bad. She seems to genuinely take pride in the things she accomplishes on the business and innovation front, she has an insatiable curiosity and desire for learning new things, she respects and loves her parents, and she does not seem to exhibit the same kind of relationship hang-ups with her Pokemon as she does with people. There's some good in her; it's just buried under a lot of terribleness and designer make-up.

Recently, she's gotten out from under her parents' wings and has started to set foot on her own, doing her own things, making her own life for herself. It hasn't been as easy as she thought it was going to be. Her new business is just barely staying above water, and she's trying to live the luxury lifestyle she's used to without help from her parents, which is more than difficult to say the least. She has found that one of the best ways to offset her expenses is to take up Pokemon training as a hobby. Engaging in Pokemon battles often sets off sparks of inspiration and put Ittula in inventing and innovation mode for days afterwards.

Igglybuff ● Female ● Cute Charm ● Normal Rank

When Ittula first laid eyes on this Pokemon, she knew she had to have one of her own. It was cute. It was pink. It had a sassy attitude and demanded attention. This Igglybuff was basically everything she has ever wanted in a Pokemon. Ittula spoils her rotten.


Charm, Sing, Defense Curl, Pound, Sweet Kiss, Copycat, Reflect, Round, Return

Magnemite ● Genderless ● Sturdy ● Normal Rank

Ming is a curiosity to Ittula and often her muse for inspiration for invention. This Magnemite is quite intelligent and willing to assist however it can. It can come across as cold and aloof at times especially to strangers.


Supersonic, Tackle, Thundershock, Thunder Wave, Magnet Bomb, Light Screen, Sonic Boom, Spark, Mirror Shot, Metal Sound, Electro Ball, Screech, Lock-on, Magnet Rise, Gyro Ball, Iron Defense, Reflect, Double Team

Meditite ● Male ● Pure Power ● Normal Rank

Masanori loves and wants to protect his trainer. Really, he does. But sometimes, he can't help but be exasperated by her behavior. He's a very good-natured Pokemon and his ideas about what's right often conflict with Ittula's own. Still, he's loyal and will not tolerate anyone trying to hurt his trainer.


Bide, Meditate, Confusion, Detect, Endure, Feint, Force Palm, Hidden Power, Calm Mind, Mind Reader, Psych Up, Acupressure, Power Trick, Reversal, Recover, Counter, Low Kick, Telekinesis, Low Sweep


In short, Ittula is a brat who is far too clever (and far too conceited) for her own good. When she isn't parading around the city in elaborate, crazy fancy designer dresses (and a matching crazy hairstyle - headdress or tiara sometimes included) throwing her money around, she's occupied by business or research clad in a pair of round spectacles and unpractical work attire that's just as expensive and flashy as her usual wear (gem-studded lab coat anyone?). She's not a completely rotten apple core, but good luck trying to get to her sweet side.


Ittula's experiences with friendships have often been shallow, unfulfilling, and rife with underhanded conflicts. As such, she doesn't truly understand genuine kindness and sincerity from a "friend." Given the chance, Ittula will walk all over any friend who will let her and not understand that this sort of thing is problematic. It's not that she deliberately sets out to treat her friends badly (in fact, she seems to really want a deep emotional connection and will absolutely spoil her favorite friends); she just doesn't have any experience with real solid friendships. More than anything, she needs a friend with good boundaries who will stand up to her but still give her benefit of the doubt and kindness.


Enemies could come from anywhere for a person like Ittula. She could have anything from cutthroat business rivals, little guys who've been stepped on by her or her parents' business practices, gangsters hoping to hold her ransom (she's worth a pretty penny to her very rich parents!), spurned and/or psychotic ex-lovers, ex-friends who have been burned one too many times, and of course, people who just find her to be too much of a spoiled brat to handle.


Ittula enjoys physical affection, being pampered, and having a fun date to take out on the town. Much like her friendships, these relationships also tend to be very shallow. She's something of a heartbreaker and once had a different lover for each day of the week (she's since tried to keep entertained by her new lover for at least a month or two before moving on). A long-term, exclusive relationship isn't out of the question, but it will be hard-earned. Likely, it will involve a lot of off-again, on-again shenanigans and electrifying chemistry.

Reward Records
x x
love, libby

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 Posted: Feb 15 2018, 01:03 AM
is played by Icarus.

100 years ♦ Male ♦ 6 posts
♦ 6 元

Congrats, you’ve been accepted! Say hi to us at the Introduction subforum!

Before you start RPing, please fill out the Member Directory and the Face Claims. You may also want to create a development thread for your character’s data and muse in this subforum. Have fun!

Kaspar Turani
 Posted: Mar 1 2018, 03:43 PM
is played by Kestrel.

26 years ♦ He/Him ♦ 38 posts
♦ 38 元

Kaspar & Ittula
Ittula and Kaspar were both born with similar silver spoons in their mouths. Kudos to Ittula for trying to earn her own independence because Kaspar has...most definitely not. Internally he's not thrilled with that, but he also doesn't know how to break out of his own apathetic circles. A frivolous plot is them being extravagant and fabulous together, because who doesn't like sass and styling. Something a bit less glittery would be them having moved in similar social circles (woo, rich kids!) and Kaspar makes a big deal out of not understanding why Ittula is trying to pay her own way whilst secretly being all 'please teach me how to not be a complete waste of space'.
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