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 The Corporation, May we protect you, as you protect us
Akira Abano
 Posted: Feb 13 2018, 03:31 PM
is played by OldMute.

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The Corporation
Welcome to the Corporation, known under many names via those who you have heard from before, with a few leading members, we serve under the collective queen and under the collective rule of our personal goals.
But please, do not consider us the villains, we are and will not be out for the destruction of the world, the enslavement of pokemon and the harming of normal civilians, that is something we of all costs must prevent..
We will protect those at the bottom, those at the top, nature must be preserved and our corporation will grow slowly for the sake of helping everybody who dares come out to meet us..
Now, Let us talk actual benefits, physical benefits..
Our corporation grants you benefits depending on how far you have ranked, we have the four divisions.
-The Queen's guard; Those who are informed about where the queen is located most of the time, these people will be able to call in everybody from any other division to invade a thread to assist in their goals..
Members have been known to go 'missing' upon misusing their powers in this division..
-The Steel Division; People who specialize in gathering materials, working in the mines on their off times but for the rest are equipped to help smaller villages with repairs, these groups tend to be the ones to get the most 'training' from the higher ups..
-The Sky Fox; People who are instructed to follow the ways of communicating with pokemon, researching them and making a dictionary on every pokemon in existance, to figure them all out and seek out the truely rarest of rare pokemon..
These people are also known for making people 'vanish' rather suddenly when they try to breed trouble though....
-The Communicators; Yes, you are able to join the people who you contact, the people who will willingly contact you and even when you join this division you will be brought to contact them atleast once a week to grant an update on your progress..
These people will easily end up giving you some tasks to .do and rewards to boot!.
Benefits? What are those?.
Yes! This group will grant you actual benefits, most groups tend to use small systems, but in this group you will actively get rewarded and you will be tasked with rewarding others too..
-Every week you will be granted a training session; This may seem like nothing, but our battles are specifically made to get yourself some quick training and to get you back on the field..
-A contact person, Psychic pokemon will be able to contact you by simply tapping into your brainwaves upon responding with the simple command word you have given to the group, every command word unique in tone and value..
-The Four Leaders, Every member that is affected by somebody suddenly robbing, attacking or ganging up on them will be able to use their command word to call in the four leaders into their thread, including their strongest pokemon to instantly gang up on any opponent that is beating you down, although one must remember, we are not a villain group, so using it for your own benefit is heavily frowned upon and doing this in a wild is also impossible..
-Rental Pokemon, The leaders will be able to lend their pokemon to another, allowing the members in their division to call upon their strongest pokemon, if the members do not have a pokemon at 'master' rank, another pokemon will come in to take their place from another division..
Division Leaders.
-Queen's Guard : Empty.

-The Sky Fox : Popo Hee.

-The Steel Division : Avanish Aarden.

-The Communicators : Akira Abano.

Division Members.

Start-up Members.
-Zulian Sato.
+ tagname
+ notesetc
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