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2 July: July Pokemon Adoptions!

SITE EVENT: Danger - Super Wild Pokemon!

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 Summer Promotion Period!
 Posted: Jul 2 2018, 07:58 AM
is played by Icarus.

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Summer Advertising Spree!

Hello y’all! Let's make use of the rest of summer to rake members in! Here are some tasty promos that will make spreading the word about O&TS so much sweeter for you.

This promo will last till the end of July!

Advertising on Other RPs

Help us advertise O&TS on other RP forums! Each member (not character) can claim 1 post credit for 1 ad, up to a maximum of 50. Here are the steps to do this:
  1. Go to an RP forum and look for their Advertising forum.
  2. Check the First Links, Link Backs and Accepted Ads (not all sites will have the final one) to see if we have posted on their site before. If we have an existing ad on their site, please do not advertise there.
  3. Assuming we haven’t posted on their website before, look for their First Links subforum.
  4. Create a new topic in the forum’s First Links section and title it "One & The Same: Avatar/Pokemon Crossover RP".
  5. Use your OOC name as the author’s name for the post.
  6. Get our ad code here and paste it into the post’s content.
  7. Post!
To register the advertisements you’ve done, please post a list of all the advertisement thread URLs under your name as a reply to this thread.

Referring Players

Invite a friend to join, and both of you stand to win! The referee will get 30 post credits per referral, up to a maximum of 2 times, and the new member will get 15 credits! To document this, both players will have to reply to this thread saying they referred/were referred by each other.

Wild Pokemon Volunteers

To boost site activity, we are also sweetening the deal for Wild Pokemon volunteers. For the promo period, the volunteer reward will be bumped up from 10 to 20 post credits! Look here for info on how to volunteer. The 2-threads-per-member limit will also be temporarily lifted, although we do ask that members share volunteering opportunities fairly amongst each other.

When claiming your reward, please note that it was executed during the promo period.

Wanted Ads

Each player can post Want Ads for 10 post credits an ad, up to a maximum of 2 ads. Each member who fulfils a want ad gets a 20 point post credit reward. Please post below with a link to the relevant want ads!

Super Wild Event!

Our Super Wild event is still ongoing! Rewards for the Super Wild event have been scaled up to match the superscaled Summer Advertising rewards.


These post counts can be used to redeem various rewards as described here.


As always, I am always available by Discord. Thank you for your time, and let’s get going!
Xiaochun Han
 Posted: Jul 4 2018, 11:47 PM
is played by Icarus.

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