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 The First Challenge (Toma/Daxton)
Hanko Rae
 Posted: Aug 9 2018, 01:53 PM
is played by Tomackze.

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The First Challenge
When Hanko left the Canyon, she found a weird item that she had no idea how to activate or use. The crystal though had some weird and powerful energy emanating from it which intrigued her, and she was even more delighted when she noticed that an Officer had made her way to The Republic with answers of what the item may be and what it may possess. The guy was talking about a certain ring that looked similar to the Crystal she had and she saw fliers put up of a challenge to get such a ring. She wondered if the two were connected and just felt this had to be more than coincidence, so she quickly made her way over to the League in hopes of finding the person and challenging him.

She waited in the Arena, hoping that the League Officer would show up and give her an opportunity to challenge him for the Ring. She wanted to test her ability and her Pokemon prowess, and this was as good as any to get that done. She waited patiently as the Arena sent off a weird energy that attracted her Crystals, which made her feel that she was definitely in the right place for whatever she was looking to figure out.

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