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 Game Mechanics, Levels, Battles, Trades, Catching
 Posted: Dec 31 2017, 11:22 AM
is played by Icarus.

100 years ♦ Male ♦ 7 posts
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This page will discuss various aspects of Pokemon battling, capturing, trading and breeding. If you are unclear about anything, please contact our admin Icarus!

Basics: What is a statless RP?

In quick and easy terms, O&TS is throwing away the numbers and math in order to focus on good storytelling! For us, battling is a means of exploring the motivations and circumstances of our characters. Therefore, battling will be determined by good narrative sense, and will follow some simple guidelines as listed below. Above all, the success and enjoyability of a statless RP comes entirely from sensible and mature writing.

Basics: Post Credits

O&TS has a cash system, where each IC post earns you 1 credit and each Wild Pokemon volunteer thread earns you 10 credits. Each new member also gets a free 10 credits. The number of credits each account has is reflected in the number beside the 元 sign in the character's profile. This thread shows some things you can purchase with these credits.

Basics: What are Pokemon?

Pokemon are highly intelligent creatures that possess extraordinary powers. Companions, friends and teachers to humans, Pokemon are an integral part of life across the world.

Trainers may carry up to 6 Pokemon on them. These will be the Pokemon displayed in their mini-profile. Other Pokemon will be stored in a PC system that is powered by industrialised Energybending.

Here is a list of some handy reminders regarding what Pokemon can and cannot do:

  • As a general rule, Pokemon are unable to speak. Certain Pokemon with great intelligence and abilities such as formidable psychic powers and aura manipulation are able to communicate with humans telepathically. Look here for a list of type/species-specific guidelines.
  • All Pokemon can speak with each other.
  • Generally, Pokemon do not need HMs as long as they are conceivably able to perform the HM task by themselves. For instance, a Machoke will not need HM Strength to push boulders away, and a Flygon will not need HM Fly to ferry its trainer around. On the other hand, a Pidgey will be too small to carry its trainer across the sky, and will need a HM to grant it the power to do so.
    • One exception to this rule is the ability to Dive. This HM move creates a protective sphere around the Pokemon that allows humans to breathe underwater. Of course, this HM need not be used if the trainer has access to an external oxygen supply.

Further reading: Click on these links to jump to the topics you want to read!

 Posted: Dec 31 2017, 11:23 AM
is played by Icarus.

100 years ♦ Male ♦ 7 posts
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Levels and Evolving

In line with our shift away from grinding at the numbers, we are doing away with levels completely. Here on O&TS, Pokemon growth is dependent entirely on narrative progression. In order to evolve a Pokemon, players will make a case on the Pokemon Admin thread for how their Pokemon's personality/strength has developed across the RP. These narrative progressions can be battles as well as other character-based challenges that the Pokemon overcomes with its trainer. For unevolvable Pokemon such as Absol and Luvdisc, these milestones mark improvements in strength, stamina and maturity, affecting how they perform in battle and trying situations.

While Pokemon need Stones or trades to evolve in-game, we do not require players to obtain these Stones or facilitate these trades. Players may just write as if they have taken the relevant steps to evolve these Pokemon.

Players should keep a small log of their Pokemon's journey on their shipper app, so that both they and their RP partners can get an idea of the comparative strength levels of their Pokemon.

Beginner Pokemon

  • At the time of application, each character may start with either
    • up to three Basic Pokemon
    • or one Stage 1 Pokemon and up to one Basic Pokemon.
      • This Stage 1 Pokemon may not be the final evolution of a two-stage evolutionary line, e.g. it may not be a Persian or Starmie, but it may be a Pidgeotto.
    • If you wish, one of your Pokemon may also be an egg. However, you must have at least one actual Pokemon.
  • These Pokemon do not need to be native to the Republic!
  • Up to one of your starters may be Shiny.
  • You may choose your Pokemon's gender and ability. Hidden abilities are allowed.
  • In the case of Pokemon with Baby stages, you may choose to begin at either the Baby Stage or Basic stage, e.g. you may choose to begin with either Pichu or Pikachu.

    Alolan Pokemon

    Pokemon from entirely Alolan lines, e.g. Alolan Vulpix, will always evolve into their Alolan evolutionary counterparts. For Pokemon that may potentially evolve into regular or Alolan variants, e.g. Exeggcute, the player has a choice of which Pokemon they want the evolution to result in.

    In-game, regular evolutions will happen within the Mainland. Evolutions into Alolan variants, on the other hand, will happen in the Mountains and the Margins because these locations are bathed in a mysterious energy.


    While narrative progression is the main metric by which we determine a Pokemon's strength and stamina, a Pokemon's individual characteristics, or "stats" as the video games would call them, also provide a general guide to how battles will unfold. Common sense and an easy understanding of the Pokemon should give a general indication of a Pokemon's capabilities. For instance, an Aggron, with its formidable metallic hide, will certainly withstand a few Volt Tackles from a Raichu. Once again, good storytelling and writer's discretion is your guide.


    Here on O&TS, Pokemon are not restricted to four moves. Instead, we treat moves as cumulative skills that a Pokemon acquires across its lifespan. Right from the beginning, every Pokemon may use all of its natural level-up moves. We will refer to the latest game's Pokedex as a guide for what these moves are.

    Nonetheless, we have some limitations on how effectively Pokemon may use these moves. Pokemon of higher evolution stages will be much more adept at using stronger and complicated moves. This means that players should write their younger Pokemon bearing potential failure in mind, e.g. a Charmander using Fire Blast will have a large chance of either misfiring, losing focus, or blowing up on itself. Younger Pokemon will also tire out more easily, limiting their ability to pull off stronger moves in quick succession.

    Egg Moves can only be acquired through breeding in-game or through a posting reward, and recorded in the Pokemon Admin subforum.

    TM/Move Tutor Moves: Each Pokemon may begin with three TM/Move Tutor Moves from any generation. All further TM/Move Tutor Moves are obtainable solely through posting rewards. Please look at the Additional Rewards thread for more info.

    Pre-Evolution Moves: Pokemon will be able to use level-up moves that are exclusive to their pre-evolutions. For example, a Gallade may use Draining Kiss, a level-up move for Ralts but not Gallade, because it evolved from a Ralts.

  • PMEmail
     Posted: Dec 31 2017, 11:27 AM
    is played by Icarus.

    100 years ♦ Male ♦ 7 posts
    ♦ 9 元

    Battling Rules

    Pokemon battles are much more fluid here than they are in the games, and are much closer to the anime and manga representations of battling.

    Bending and Battles

    In proper matches between trainers and Pokemon, using bending to interfere with a match is considered unethical, and can get one disqualified immediately in official battles. Similarly, getting a Pokemon to attack humans is completely socially unacceptable, and often results in arrest and legal action. Of course, these rules change in moments of extreme danger where self-defence becomes of dire importance.

    It is important to note that these IC rules exist for fairness and safety. Out in the wild, where wild Pokemon may attack at any time, benders and Pokemon are known to work together if they are confronted by overwhelming threats.


    Two-Move Combos: While Pokemon usually employ one move per round, Pokemon may occasionally use two-move combos in a single round. Some examples of two-move combos:
    "Use Calm Mind, and then Psychic!"
    "Lock On, and then Zap Cannon!"
    "Fire Punch and Mega Punch!"
    Pokemon may use between 1 to 4 two-move combos a battle. Less experienced Pokemon will tend to use fewer combos, and more experienced Pokemon will be able to use close to 4. In addition, less experienced Pokemon stand a decent chance of mis-executing combo commands.

    Pokemon may not use protecting moves such as Protect and Detect as part of a two-move combo.

    Two-move combos may not be used to fulfil both parts of a two-turn attack. For instance, both the charging and attacking parts of Sky Attack may not constitute a single turn. These two parts must be spread across two single-move turns.

    Dodging: Pokemon may also dodge incoming attacks up to two times a battle. Protecting moves such as Protect and Detect do not count as dodges. Dodges do not count as a move. Dodges may not be used in two-move combos.

    Please note that using a move to deflect another move does not count as a dodge, e.g. "aim your Flamethrower at that Thunderbolt so that they will cancel out!"

    Protecting and Recovery Moves: A Pokemon may use up to three protecting (i.e. Protect, Detect, and other total damage-blocking moves) and recovery moves a battle. That's three in total, not three of each! Life-absorbing moves such as Giga Drain do not fall under this category.

    Damage Calculation

    Instead of a numerical statement of how much HP a Pokemon has, a Pokemon's state of health will be described qualitatively. Generally, a Pokemon has just enough health to tolerate three Hyper Beams' worth of damage from a Pokemon of equal strength.


    Since our battles are determined by narrative logic, this means that arena choices will factor into the sort of attacks you can use. For instance, Pokemon wouldn't be able to use Earthquake if they are battling at sea, and wouldn't be able to use Dig on a ship. Similarly, pay attention to the sort of environment battles occur in; using Earthquake in Republic City, a densely crowded space, can have terrible consequences!

    PP, Spite, Memento

    Instead of PP, we use a narrative description of stamina and fatigue. Pokemon tire as the heat of a match intensifies, and their ability to execute powerful moves dwindles as the battle proceeds.

    Since Pokemon on O&TS have a much wider movepool than the video game counterparts, depleting the repeatability of a single move is a rather limp threat. Thus, Spite and Memento will affect the repeatability of an entire move type. For instance, if a Vulpix uses Extrasensory before getting hit by Spite, the Vulpix will find it much more tiring to execute any other Psychic attack for the rest of the battle. If said Vulpix is affected by Memento, it loses access to all Psychic attacks for the rest of the battle.

    Types, Weaknesses, Resistances, Abilities

    Type matchups, such as weaknesses, resistances and immunities, as well as Abilities, should all be factored into consideration. However, since this RP prioritises realistic narrative-style battling, Pokemon physiology and the laws of physics have much greater importance on O&TS.

    For instance, even though Pokemon like Beedrill are not Flying-type and don't have access to Levitate, they are clearly adept in the air, and should be able to avoid ground-based moves like Earthquake quite easily. On a similar note, since Ground moves like Mud Shot can clearly be launched like projectiles, they stand a good chance of hitting Pokemon in the sky even though Flying/Levitating Pokemon would avoid them in-game.

    Evolution and Mega Evolution

    If both players agree on it OOC, Pokemon may evolve during battle. Only Pokemon that evolve by levelling up may do so legally; while nothing is stopping you from throwing a Stone at your Pikachu mid-battle, that will be seen as very poor form in-game! (Of course, if both players are cool with this OOC, that's fine too!) Specific environmental factors should also be taken into account, e.g. evolving only by levelling up at night, in a specific area, etc.

    Pokemon that have a solid friendship bond with their trainers may mega-evolve. As in the games, only one Pokemon may Mega Evolve per battle. A Pokemon must be holding its Mega Stone in order to Mega Evolve. Mega Stones can be bought from the Pokemon Admin subforum.


    For simplicity's sake, items, both applied (e.g. potions) and held (e.g. berries) will not be used in O&TS.

    Move Restrictions: OHKOs and Z-Moves

    OHKOs are banned for fairness' sake, so just assume that these moves don't exist in this world. Z-Moves may be used once a battle, provided that the user is equipped with the relevant Z-Crystal.

    Time Limits

    If either battler fails to respond to a thread in four days, their opponent may invoke the default clause, in which the absent battler is said to have lost the battle.

    If either player has posted an absence status, the non-absent player may choose to exercise the clause at their own discretion and courtesy.

     Posted: Dec 31 2017, 01:22 PM
    is played by Icarus.

    100 years ♦ Male ♦ 7 posts
    ♦ 9 元

    Catching Pokemon

    In summary, wild Pokemon are encountered and caught through a collaborative writing and volunteering process. This process comprises the following steps:
    1. The requester checks what Pokemon are native to the Republic by searching this thread.
    2. The requester makes a thread detailing their character's journey in a particular IC area, and labels the thread with a [WILD] tag. So, the title of said thread will take the general form of "A Walk Down A Beach [WILD]".
      • Make sure to indicate in the Notes section of the post whether any special rewards, e.g. 100% encounter, Shiny encounter, have been used.
    3. The requester posts a link to their [WILD] thread on the #openthreads channel on the O&TS Discord, where interested players may pick the thread up.
    4. A volunteer responds with a thread stating the species, gender and ability of the encountered Pokemon. This encounter is RNGed according to the rules below:
      • Check if the requester has used any rewards, and apply them accordingly.
      • RNG a number between 1 to 100. You have a 50% chance of generating a Common Pokemon, 30% for an Uncommon, and 20% for a Rare.
      • Next, look at the number of evolutionary lines present within the category generated above. Randomly pick one of these lines. For instance, Republic City has six lines in the Uncommon category. So, RNG a number from 1 to 6 and select the corresponding Pokemon line.
      • From within this line, the volunteer selects a Pokemon at their discretion. This is the Pokemon that you will generate!
      • Now, RNG an even coin flip. This Pokemon has a 50% chance of being either male or female. Ignore this step if the Pokemon is genderless.
      • Now, RNG between 1 and 100. This Pokemon has a 5% chance of being Shiny.
      • Finally, RNG between 1 and 100. This Pokemon has a 10% chance of having a Hidden Ability. If the Pokemon rolls successfully for a Hidden Ability but does not have a Hidden Ability, e.g. Gastly and Levitate, assign it a random Egg Move instead.
      • Respond to the request with the template:



        <center><div class="rppost">
        <img src="pokemon icon here" width="100px">
        <div class="top">pokemon name here</div>

        <div class="rptext">
        Write the encounter here.

        <div class="rpsmall">
        <b>+ gender</b>m/f/n <br>
        <b>+ ability</b> ability</div>

        </div><a href=""><span style="font: bold 8px/20px calibri; opacity: .5; text-align:center;">BY MITZI</span></a></center>

    5. To call dibs on a particular thread, an interested volunteer will post in the appropriate thread on the Pokemon Admin subforum to indicate interest.
    6. This volunteer may now role play as the encountered Pokemon. They will do this by signing into the Wild Pokemon account and posting from that account.
    7. At some point, the initial player may either choose to flee, knock out the wild Pokemon for battle credit, or attempt capturing the Pokemon. The volunteer will decide whether or not the attempt was successful.
    8. The thread concludes!
    9. Only one Pokemon may be requested per thread.

    Volunteering as Wild Pokemon

    Everyone is welcome to volunteer as a Wild Pokemon! To know the password for the account, PM Icarus with a request. Completed volunteer encounters can be exchanged for rewards at the Pokemon Admin subforum.

    One volunteer may take up to 2 threads at one time.


    To make things easy, all Pokeballs will be treated as having the same strength. You may write them to be whatever you want for flavour's sake, but we will treat all of them equally.

    Since money isn't a mechanic we use, characters may assume they have access to a reasonable number of balls.

    Special Pokemon

    By default, Wild Pokemon have a 5% chance of being Shiny, and a 10% chance of having a Hidden Ability.

    Time Limits

    If either the initiator or volunteer fails to respond to a thread in four days, either of them may invoke the default clause, in which the Pokemon can be either defeated or captured by the initiator, or said to have fled by the volunteer. The invoker of the default clause may then claim the benefits associated with the thread while the player who failed to respond may not.

    One character may only have one Wild Pokemon encounter thread at one time.

    If either player has posted an absence status, the non-absent player may choose to exercise the clause at their own discretion and courtesy.

     Posted: Jan 1 2018, 01:36 AM
    is played by Icarus.

    100 years ♦ Male ♦ 7 posts
    ♦ 9 元

    Trading Pokemon

    Pokemon may be traded, gifted, or stolen (with permission, of course!) as long as both players agree to the transaction. Most of this is pretty straightforward, as long as all trades are recorded in the Pokemon Admin subforum.

    Keep It Real In-Game

    Even though there are no limitations on who can trade Pokemon, please note that characters are required to justify and write out their trades in-game.

    Exchanging Pokemon with Yourself

    Please note that players are not allowed to trade Pokemon between their characters.

    Easy Evolution

    Pokemon that evolve by trading in-game, such as Haunter, do not need to be traded in order to evolve. Instead, they will follow the narrative progression rules given above.
     Posted: Jan 1 2018, 02:34 AM
    is played by Icarus.

    100 years ♦ Male ♦ 7 posts
    ♦ 9 元

    Breeding Pokemon

    Breeding is pretty straightforward, as long as all breeding records are noted in the Pokemon Admin subforum. Characters may breed two of their own Pokemon together, or breed one of their own Pokemon with those of another character. Both players need to consent to the breeding attempt, which can be done with a simple post in the subforum.

    Keeping It Real

    If your character is breeding Pokemon with another character, please note that characters are required to justify their breeding in-game.

    Baby Forms

    If the offspring has a baby form, then the egg will always hatch into that baby Pokemon.

    Egg Hatching

    After breeding has been recorded, players may choose to hatch the egg whenever they wish. They may even choose to incorporate the offspring Pokemon into their roster straightaway.


    Offspring Pokemon may only have a Hidden Ability if either or both of its parents also has a Hidden Ability.

    Egg Moves

    Pokemon may inherit egg moves from either of their parents. Possible egg moves will be determined by the game data from the latest games.

    Alolan Genes

    Whether or not a Pokemon is of the Alolan or regular variant will be determined by the mother. If the mother is an Alolan variant, their offspring will be of the Alolan variant as well.

    Breeding Rate and Frequency

    A Pokemon may breed once every seven days. Only one egg may be produced each round.
     Posted: Mar 2 2018, 04:47 PM
    is played by Icarus.

    100 years ♦ Male ♦ 7 posts
    ♦ 9 元

    Psychic Pokemon

    Telepathic Speech: While Pokemon are generally not capable of physical speech, specially trained Psychic Pokemon may acquire the skill of telepathic speech, projecting their thoughts into the minds of other Pokemon and humans. For a Psychic Pokemon to receive thoughts from another being, that being must voluntarily "push" a message out into the Pokemon's mind, i.e. non-consensual mind reading cannot happen without the permission of the player. Dark-type Pokemon can neither be read nor spoken to.

    Levitation: Psychic Pokemon that do not naturally fly or levitate may use lift themselves off the ground for a substantial energy cost. Within a battle, this counts as a move. This is a tiring feat, and not easily reproducible in swift succession.

    Telekinesis: All Psychic Pokemon may perform minor telekinetic acts such as flipping objects and slamming doors shut, but may not use such actions as an actual attack.

    Ghost Pokemon

    Despite the legends, Ghost Pokemon are not the spirits of deceased creatures, but are just Pokemon that have an uncanny connection to the Spirit World.

    Levitation/Flight: Quite a few Ghosts, such as Gastly and Misdreavus, are capable of flight. While some other Ghosts, such as Gengar, do not have the Flying-Type or Levitate ability, they have conclusive anime evidence that they are capable of flight, and will retain that ability on O&TS. Finally, more ground-bound Ghosts such as Dusclops and Spiritomb may levitate for a significant energy cost. Within a battle, this counts as a move. This is a tiring feat, and not easily reproducible in swift succession.

    Telepathy: Specially trained Ghost Pokemon may acquire the skill of telepathic speech, projecting their thoughts into the minds of other Pokemon and humans. For such Pokemon to receive thoughts from another being, that being must voluntarily "push" a message out into the Pokemon's mind, i.e. non-consensual mind reading cannot happen without the permission of the player. Dark-type Pokemon can neither be read nor spoken to.

    Invisibility: A Ghost Pokemon may turn invisible for a minor energy cost, but may only remain as such for a maximum of two rounds a battle. A Pokemon may not be simultaneously invisible and intangible.

    Intangibility: A Ghost Pokemon may turn intangible for a minor energy cost, but may only remain as such for a maximum of two rounds a battle. During these rounds, physical attacks will not do damage whereas energy-based attacks will do damage as usual. For attacks that combine both, only the energy-based part of the attack will affect the Ghost. For instance, only the flaming part of a Fire Punch, but not the physical blow itself, will injure an intangible Ghost. A Pokemon may not be simultaneously invisible and intangible.

    Telekinesis: Ghost Pokemon may perform minor telekinetic acts such as flipping objects and slamming doors shut, but may not use them in an actually offensive manner.

    Levitating/Flying Pokemon

    Pokemon that bear neither the Flying type nor the Levitate ability but have conclusive anime/manga evidence that they are able to defy gravity may be treated as effectively being able to fly. This does not grant them the type attributes of Flying-types, nor do they actually have the Levitate ability, but they may be written as strong fliers who are capable of dodging ground-bound attacks reliably. Pokemon such as Beedrill and Mega Charizard will find this useful. However, note that "ground-bound" does not mean Ground type: Earthquake is a ground-bound move but Mud Shot, a projectile, is not!


    Smeargle may learn Sketch as many times as desired, but may only know one Sketch at a time. That is to say, Sketch may only be used (successfully) once a battle thread. Any move may be Sketched, but Smeargle must learn how to execute that move in-game.
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