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 The Bad Part of Town, Open to Anyone
 Posted: Feb 17 2018, 04:57 AM
is played by Giggles.

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The Bad Part of Town

Every sprawling city had a dark underbelly, the unsafe neighborhood, the bad part of town. Not only was the area infested with crime, but it was also typically impoverished. Tsi-Tsi might never have been caught in this part of town if it wasn't for one simple reason. Many of the homeless orphans ran the streets of this area. She worried about them... about their health, about their safety, about whether they had eaten, if they had any place to sleep for the night.

She didn't need to go looking for them usually. Sometimes, they came to her. They'd ask for money or one of their buddies would try to pick her pocket (she never came by with any money, usually only food). One such orphan, a little boy, looked up at her expectantly.

Tsi-Tsi pulled out a small container with salad, a loaf of bread, and some nuts in it and handed it to the boy. "I'm afraid I don't have any money on me, child. But please take this."

The orphan didn't speak or do anything other than rip off the lid of the container and begin shoveling the food into his mouth with his hands. Tsi-Tsi didn't berate him for his lack of manners. Her expression softened. Poor kid must be so hungry...

"You know, we have more food at the Republic City Daycare Shelter," Tsi-Tsi said, keeping her voice soft and gentle. The boy looked like he was trying to look like he wasn't paying attention as he kept eating, but he kept glancing at her.

"And we have pillows and nice warm, clean blankets... if you'd like to take a nap."

The boy's eyes narrowed, suspicious, untrusting. "Uh-huh. Okay. Why don't you bring me a pillow and blanket, then?"

Tsi-Tsi was not deterred by this answer. "I would love to. Will you be here tomorrow?"

The boy continued to look at her distrustfully, then he looked away. "Maybe."

"Then, I will bring you some blankets and a pillow."

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Kalluk Nipaitchuk
 Posted: Feb 18 2018, 06:43 PM
is played by Jello.

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still waters run deep
Kalluk walked down the street, a basket hanging from her back. Inside the basket was a large amount of fish that she had just caught in Yue Bay. Every now and then, a few drops of water dripped from the basket onto the street as she walked, and the smell of fish followed her. She didn't mind much, though; she had gotten used to smelling like fish long ago.

At her side was her rockruff, Takaani. The puppy pokemon bounded through the streets, stopping every thirty seconds or so to turn around and make sure Kalluk was going to catch up. Then he'd turn around and bound forward again, or stop to sniff a particularly rank trash can or bark at some pokemon up on a fire escape. Kalluk had learned that if she followed his glances when he was acting that way, she'd spot what he was barking at.

As Kalluk turned a corner, she clapped once, signaling for Takaani to follow her. The pup finished sniffing what he was sniffing before coming back to lead the way down the new street. They were coming up behind a woman, and Kalluk clapped again, calling Takaani back. She then pointed down beside her, and the rockruff trotted obediently at her side, gazing up at her excitedly for the command that would tell him he was allowed to run off again.

As they walked around the woman, Kalluk noted that there was a kid eating ravenously at a salad in front of her. Before she noticed anything else, though, she noticed the woman's tattoos. Immediately, Kalluk's eyes lit up and a grin spread across her face as she stopped.

Quickly, she pointed at the woman's arms. She then looked up at her face to try to make friendly eye contact before pointing to her own arm, tracing where the tattoos would be placed on her arm if she had them. She then pointed back to the woman, her eyebrows raised and a hopeful look on her face, as if to ask "are you an airbender?" She had met plenty of fire and earth benders throughout her travels, but Air Nomads rarely left their temples and this would be her first time meeting one.
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