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 Fumiko Aizawa, 28, Fire, Daidouji (Senran Kagura)
Fumiko Aizawa
 Posted: Feb 8 2018, 09:03 PM
is played by Bancho.

28 years ♦ Female ♦ 10 posts
♦ 10 元

Fumiko Aizawa
Age 28 Gender Female
Element Fire Bender
Face Claim Daidouji (Senran Kagura/Uppers)
Full Name
Fumiko Aizawa

Family Origin
The Aizawa family, a family line that came seventeen generations back from the great "Ashen Bakery" family. It spread into a multitude of family lines that went into fire bending cooking, most even serving royalty in their efforts to increase their fame. Though later incarnations only ended up with their efforts stumped due to the advancements in automated methods of cooking, the family stuck to the other and older rituals that belong to the cooking scene.

The last three lineages of people that have been part of this group were especially known for their innovative naming scheme, ending the long running trend of talking about their recipes with both hot burning passion and a flaming naming sense that bombed upon a repeat set of names. The family was known for making recipes like the 'Ash Cider' or the 'Autumn Leaf Dumplings', etc.; names that sounded more pleasant to the kids that were going to be trying it and would grow up consuming it more.

The most important feature about this would be that the recipes became more appealing to those outside too; a sweeter trend of recipes spreading the market and soon becoming a dominant homestay. Although the family recipes slowly became public, their fortune was enough for at least the next three generations after their current daughter to live with a part time job, although with the inflation in the main cities, that may not even be correct anymore.

Bending Style
A physical style of Bending, focused more on self-immolation for the sake of enhancing blows

Skills and Abilities
With the ability to bench press more weight than the trained man, having led a life of not depending on pokemon, she is a strong woman able to outmatch most people in sheer strength, although her natural bending talent is also nothing to scoff at.

Meat, fighting, training, women but not in the gay way though, general violence

Boredom, staying in one place at a time, “No-shows” when challenged, innocents being hurt, vegetables and general plant based food

Disinterested, Inexperienced.

“Street Fighter”

Raised to be a chef in a family of Fire Benders, at the ripe old age of 9, the “adorable” little Fumiko had decided that this was the most boring thing she had ever experienced in her very short life. Instead taking more of a liking to Bending in a more… Combative sense, this of course prompted concern from her more traditionally “passive” family as their small little “sue chef” had begun a early rebellious streak, being attracted to the concept of “Agni Kai” specifically. Although she was unsure of the exact meaning behind such a ceremony, that didn’t stop her from sneaking her way into seeing as many as she could though. This combined with the brash nature during her formative years soon resulted in her getting into some trouble involving the son of her village’s chief. A real piece of work he was, the kind who used his authority and “social standing” to get his way. The kind of guy that Fumiko decided to hate, although she’d be lying if she didn’t use her age at the time in the same way.
It soon cycled to the point of her little childhood obsessions combining with her - quite honestly bordering on bullying - treatment of the chief’s son over the years combining together. She herself had been challenged to the event she had so idolised. Regardless of the outcome, news of this match spread like the fires about to be thrown, much to the dismay of young Fumiko’s family. This of course, did not bother her. Much. She had no real experience of any kind of Bending, let alone her own family’s. However, she would have only herself to blame, she had pushed the situation to go this far after all. On the day of they “ceremony”, many people felt that this would go too far. And understandably so, Fumiko was still a child compared to the (now shirtless for some reason) man. She never quite understood that part. But in any case, the fight had to be done at sunset. With the preparations met, she tried her best to keep up. However, understandably, she failed to gain the upper hand. A not so impossible conclusion given her experience and the unusually strong flames of the chief’s son.
Obviously unsatisfied with this outcome, the shamed Fumiko decided to look into this result more, while she would have done no such thing should she have lost fair and square, the young girl felt as if the way the flames that struck her was unnatural to a typical bender in terms of both strength and movement. Her suspicions were soon confirmed when she heard the typical “liar revealed” monologue from the son after tailing him for the remainder of the evening. The man had cheated by using a Pokemon to this advantage. Prompting the somewhat stupid, yet reasonable reaction for the young woman to turn away from using Pokemon herself. Instead opting to try and train herself physically and mentally in order to counter any other such cases in the future. Leaving the village some time in the years following in order to keep training herself. Despite her family’s protests.

Hawlucha ● Male ● Mold Breaker ● Great

The male Hawlucha with a respectful attitude towards combat.


Karate Chop, Tackle, Detect, Hone Claws, Roost, Feather Dance, Sword Dance, Aerial Ace, Bounce, Sky Drop

Zorua ● Female ● Illusion ● Normal

A shiny zorua with a tendency for chasing its own tail.


Scratch, Leer, Pursuit, Fake Tears, Fury Swipes, Scary Face, Taunt, Torment, Agilty, Embargo, Punishment, Nasty plot, Imprison

Litten ● Female ● Intimidate ● Normal

A Litten well known for stern lectures nobody can understand due to its native pokemon tongue.


Scratch, Ember, Growl, Lick, Leer, Roar, Swagger, Fury swipes, Scary face


A bold, brash and spiteful woman that was known for her aggressive way of handling everything, yet above everything there is a certain thing that people must keep in mind, she isn’t just purely an asshole, she is also capable of helping and growing as a person, even if others do not want to accept this.


The concept of friendship is a confusing thing for this woman, constantly thinking they are doing something wrong or trying to overcompensate by bringing small gifts.


There is a reason why she is banned in seven villages for excessive violence in a traditional duel.


‘What is a lover, is it tasty?’

Reward Records
x x
love, libby

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 Posted: Feb 13 2018, 10:30 PM
is played by Icarus.

100 years ♦ Male ♦ 6 posts
♦ 6 元

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