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 Prince Yunis-Li, 19, Water, Sharrkan
 Posted: Jun 9 2018, 10:45 AM
is played by Nyx.

19 years ♦ He/Him ♦ 2 posts
♦ 12 元

Age 19 Gender Male
Element Water-bender
Face Claim Sharrkan
Full Name
Prince Yunis-Li of the Northern Tribe

Family Origin
Northern Water Tribe

Bending Style
He moves like the ocean. In order to be a good water bender, you must also be a good dancer. At least that is what Yunis’ mother taught him. He moves to a certain rhythm in his head, a slow pace one that make him move his entire body in all sorts of directions. Yunis’ arms are like the ocean itself when they move and he is known to have one of the greater stance in his family. He is a pretty great water bender and his moves are almost as affective as a master bender.

Skills and Abilities
A talented dancer and caregiver.

Cute Pokémon, sewing, reading romantic books and Pokémon battles.

Criminals, scary Pokémon, politics and danger.


Ambassador in training

A lot of people might say that the chief and his wife had the most perfect family one could imagine. Their first born and heir was a strong and confident young boy who took his role as soon-to-be protector of the Northern Tribe pretty seriously. As for their one and only daughter, a nonbender, she had invested a lot of time in being second-in-command to her brother and the strongest Pokémon trainer.

So there you have it. One boy and one girl; the most perfect outcome for most couples. However, if you are the gentle wife of a chief who wants nothing more than young children playing at your feet, this is not the most perfect outcome. The wife of the chief was proud of children. It’s very rare that such young children take their duties as seriously as the prince and princess of the Northern Tribe. But she longed for them to once more be so dependent on their mother just one last time. Sadly, that day would not come anytime soon and instead of mourning her children’s new independence, the chief’s wife decided to have another child.

She could not wait for the day her child would be born and when it had finally come, the chief’s wife was ready. So ready that she had pushed the child through the womb with ease. It was a boy. A rather large boy with dark hair and the biggest body any infant could ever have in this world. The midwives handed him to her and she cradled him back to the state he was in before he had entered the world. The chief’s wife was happy but deep down inside, she felt incomplete. Something was wrong and she could not figure out what was wrong for awhile. Until she had the urge to push just one last time.

That’s when Yunis was born. Unlike his twin, he slipped out with eased because he was a lot smaller than his other half.

What a blessing! The spirits has blessed the Northern Tribe with not one but two princes.

What was even more shocking was that Yunis was a beautiful blue eyed and white hair baby; his brother, black hair and dark eyes. Their birth caused for a celebration—Tui and La, they had believed, blessed the chief and his wife. The children were living representations, the tribe believes, of the spirits and their grace.

The cause of this miraculous birth caused the twins to be coddle not only by their mother but the tribe too, a sort of treatment Yunis’ older siblings never indulge in. It was especially Yunis’s mother that coddled him and despite his father’s efforts to break the habit, the coddling did not end in the timely fashion it should have ended in. Well, that could be said for Yunis but not his brother, who almost had the same drive as their eldest brother. As for Yunis, he enjoyed being pampered and spoiled by his mother. The two grew attached almost at hip when he was young. You could not spot one without the other and that’s all Yunis’ mother ever wanted in the first place.

Yunis loves his mother dearly and he eventually became her unannounced favorite. It had become very obvious when she personally trained him in water bending (she knew a bit and was only pardoned by her husband for unknown reasons). The chief’s wife was one of the best and had a few tricks up her sleeve she was never willing to show anyone until her son was born. The two trained daily side by side and although he had not become a master, Yunis had become a pretty decent bender at his young age. That was something his twin brother envied and it caused a lot of fights between the two as well as a slight hatred on his brother’s behalf.

Yunis and his mother were very close and all but when it came to his education, it was appropriate that he would learn basic reading and writing skills elsewhere alongside other children. He enjoyed that too. He especially enjoyed when his teacher would allow them to step out the tribe boundaries for a bit and play with certain wild Pokémon. That did not last too long though after Yunis was almost attacked by a wailord. A furious chief forbid children from learning outside the tribe’s boundaries and any interaction with any wild Pokémon. So you could imagine how furious a majority of the children were with him. Including his brother, who almost seem to hate him a little more as each year went by.

When Yunis turned ten, the coddling he endured had come to an end on the chief’s command and he would begin his duties as a prince. All of his siblings obtained a certain duty in the Northern tribe at such young ages and it was finally Yunis’ turn. Whilst the chief may have not been in his children’s lives too much due to his duties, he did keep a good enough eye on them all to find their place in within the tribe. Yunis’ twin brother was bold and had great leadership skills, so the chief decided he would make a great warrior/fighter. As for Yunis, the chief had a difficult time making a call for him. Tunis was too flamboyant and in his opinion, frail. He would not make it in any of the (what he considered) “masculine” fields.

It was not until a leader of another nation made it’s way to the door of the Northern tribe that the chief had Yunis all figured out. Yunis was very much a Northern Water tribesmen at heart and his knowledge in the culture, the people’s necessities and traditions were all shown that very day. Unknowingly, it was Yunis that won that leader’s heart over and the chief could not have been prouder. He decided to put Yunis in training as an ambassador— it was intense at first too. Yunis had to learn so much and eventually, at the age of twelve, he started to travel too. Which all sounds great unless you’re a homesick boy who loves his mother very much.

The only thing that put him at ease was meeting his Pokémon pal, a popplio. He met her in the Southern Tribe, practicing her bubble blowing on a piece of floating ice. She spotted him too and it was almost like love at first sight. The popplio followed him around and he just had to catch her. So he did and named her Princess Poppy.

He was so proud of her, he could not wait to take her home and show her to his mother. Yunis wanted her approval of his new Pokémon and she was able to give it but from her deathbed.

Yunis’ mother had become severely ill and no healer could figure out why. Everyone asked the spirits for guidance but it just never came. Eventually, Yunis’s mother died and he fell into depression for a very long time. He hid from the world, only his Pokémon at his side to comfort him.

It was unbearable for the chief, who decided to send his son to the Republic City. He hoped it would cheer him up.

Princess Poppy
Brionne ● Female ● Hidden Ability

Princess Poppy is a wonderful Pokémon that projects nothing but happiness. It’s rare to find her down and gloomy. She loves to dance and perform. Princess Poppy loves attention and she can fit into just about any setting since she’s so cheerful.


Aqua jet, Bubble beam, sing, double slap, icy wind, baby-doll eyes, encore, moonblast, hydro pump

Ralts● Female ● Telepathy

Joy is a Pokémon he discovered on the travel to Republic City. She’s shy and seems to hide behind Yunis whenever she’s out and about. But aside from that, Joy listens well to her new trainer and aspires to be as outgoing as him.


Confusion, Double Team, teleport, magic leaf, heal pulse, draining kiss, psychic, calm mind


Yunis is a polite, calm, and sweet young man who always thinks of others before himself.That seems to be one of the many traits he inherited from his mother. People might say he is weak for his peaceful demeanor, however, he is the complete opposite. Do not mistake his yearning to make others happy and Flamboyant tentatives for anything other than someone who just wants to be the best he can be. If anything you should be questioning what he is truly hiding underneath that soft personality and eagerness to always do the right thing. Now, that is not saying his personality is a decoy for something much more dark. He is by far anything but dark he is as light as the color of his hair. But Yunis Becoming violent is not something you want to see in your lifetime.

Anyways, one of the many struggles his father had been contemplating when it came to giving Yunis an important job is his naïve behavior. Yunis is very much intelligent and very literate. He knows everything he needs to know in order to survive and even handle tough situations. Nonetheless, He is a very naïve and his judgment seems to be cloudy and when it comes to meeting off or ill minded individuals. Sometimes he cannot seem to tell the difference between a person with good intentions and one with bad intentions. It is not until the person reveals their true self that he is able to figure out whether that person is good or bad. This is a flaw he is truly unaware of and one his family resents. As prince of the northern tribe it is very important for him to smell out the good and bad in people for the sake of his people.

He tends to be sometimes very talkative and very persuasive. With that being said, you could say he is a very outgoing person. Again, he is very flamboyant so you could say this outgoing part of him is owed to him wanting a bit of attention almost always. Or maybe he just likes to be entertained. Either way there is never a dull moment with Yunis. He jokes, he laughs, he’ll show you new things. He’ll keep you busy.


Believe it or not he was once a person who had a difficult time making friends. Sure he is good at entertaining people and telling them what they want to hear. But sometimes though he is not good at making friends. Yunis just is not sure how or when to call someone a friend. People come and go and no one is sure how long they’ll be in your life. Yunis can say that he made a lot of acquaintances but he can never say he had a friend. If you are a friend of his, he’ll be waiting for your cue. When that cue is made you’ll be sure that you have a friend for life. Because he is not one to give up or leave people behind.


Enemies of the southern tribe can be considered his enemies. No matter what he stands by his father as chief and his people. Out of all waterbenders from the southern tribe, you’ll never find one as prideful as Yunis. He stands by just about everything the southern tribes stands for and if you’re against or find yourself on the opposing side, you’re most likely an enemy. Aside from that, Yunis does not really make enemies that he is aware of.


Yunis Has never been in love nor has he ever dated anyone. The man’s status as prince prevents him from dating anyone his parents do not approve of. Not to mention, the tradition of the southern tribe obviously prevents him from loving the person he loves. In the southern tribe the tradition only allows a man to be with a woman. Yunis is not out of the closet just yet for the sake and reputation of his family. If anyone is interested in him, there’s a chance that their relationship may have to be a secret.

love, libby

 Posted: Jun 10 2018, 12:59 AM
is played by Icarus.

100 years ♦ Male ♦ 6 posts
♦ 6 元

Congrats, you’ve been accepted! Before you start RPing, please fill out the Member Directory and the Face Claims. You may also want to create a development thread for your character’s data and muse in this subforum. Have fun!
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