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2 July: July Pokemon Adoptions!

SITE EVENT: Danger - Super Wild Pokemon!

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 Open Space can work [Super Wild], Kabuto + Hanko + Moderator
Kabuto Rikki
 Posted: Jul 5 2018, 05:44 PM
is played by readlliea.

25 years ♦ he/him ♦ 27 posts
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Can't I relax just once?
Kabuto would've helped the sneasel but when she shouted and swore at him, it startled him. Breaking any concentration that he had and he looked to her, wide eyed and surprised. What the hell got into her?

"What are you going on about? I'm here helping you, what in hell set you off?" Kabuto questioned, annoyance growing in him already.

He still hadn't realized that he had bended and that she saw it. Bato winced from his burn, kind of just wanting to take a nap now. However, the fight wasn't overwith. Kabuto felt the temptation to just leave with this lady's sudden change. But...that would be wrong of him. Giving a frustrated sigh, he looked to Bato. The shiny seal kind of perking as he noticed his trainer's gaze.

"One more Aurora Beam! Put everything into it!" Kabuto instructetd.

Taking aim, the seel concentrated as hard as they could. This move was a strain on them, one that they didn't do often due to the sheer force needed. HOwever the multi-colored beam suddenly shot forward to the Marowak, hoping that this was the final shot. The seel did everything they could to aim it true and pray that it would strike. Whatever was wrong with the humans could wait.

+ tagHanko Rae
+ notes Bato is burned. Bato used Aurora Beam
Wild Pokemon
 Posted: Jul 10 2018, 10:50 AM
is played by x.

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Super Wild Ghost Marowak!
Despite a few broken bones and a mouth full of grit, Marowak's inner flame burnt with deadly force. He would make these heathens pay for desecrating sacred land! Sadly for him, his opponents bore stronger flames than him, and the force of their attacks knocked him back down to the ground once again. Sharp claws sliced into him from one side, and the heady mix of attraction and hatred in his mind held him back in a heated and sweet web of inaction. Then, a blast of cold radiation from the right! Strung tight between two extremes in both mind and body, Marowak's spirit gave up, and the monster fell motionless to the floor.

Marowak is unable to battle!

Voices floated through the crevices of the cavern, and the ghosts of Hun Canyon came back to rescue their own. Marowak dissolved into wisps of green flame, just like the wicks that still burned on its bone, and washed out into the corner furthest away from these humans. One day, he would return with greater vengeance.

abilitycursed body
Event Generator
 Posted: Jul 10 2018, 10:52 AM
is played by Icarus.

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Mysterious Objects Appeared!
After the Marowak dissolved into the Canyon's shadows, two mysterious crystals washed up on shore! One Firium Z and one Ghostium Z appeared!

Toma and Read: You may decide how your characters split these items among themselves. Icarus, you get a choice of awarding one Ghostium Z or Firium Z to any of your characters.

Each of your are entitled to 30 post credits! Please redeem them at this thread!

Hanko Rae
 Posted: Jul 18 2018, 10:27 PM
is played by Tomackze.

21 years ♦ Female ♦ 39 posts
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Bending the Cracks
Once the opposing Marowak fainted, it dropped two nice Gems that fell onto the ground and Hanko looked over at her partner and then at the two gems and walked over towards the fire one and took it. "You can have the other." She said as she turned around and waved goodbye, taking her exit. She had to give it to Kabuto, he was a decent battler. A liar and not the best people person but a decent battler nonetheless. She definitely wouldn't have won this battle without him...

user posted image

One ● FEMALE ● PICKPOCKET ● Experienced Battler

Scratch - Leer - Taunt - Quick Attack - Feint Attack - Icy Wind - Fury Swipes - Agility - Metal Claw - Hone Claws - Beat Up - Screech - Slash - Snatch - Punishment - Ice Shard - Attract - Throat Chop - Substitute

Burning. Hit by Flame Wheel (SE). Very WEAK

Used Metal Claw (Combo 1/3).

[Attack -1]

+ tagKabuto Rikki Icarus
+ notes
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