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 Ito Noriko, 31, Fire, Olivier Armstrong
Ito Noriko
 Posted: Feb 16 2018, 04:44 AM
is played by Skipper.

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Ito Noriko
Age 31 Gender Female
Element Firebender
Face Claim Olivier Armstrong (Full Metal Alchemist)
Full Name
Ito Noriko

Family Origin
Republic City born and raised

Bending Style
Although she is fully capable of Firebending naturally, Noriko has found it more beneficial to augment her powers with physical weaponry. As a member of the guard, she was rigorously trained in both archery and swordsmanship; when fighting from a longer distance, say, on top of her city walls, she bends highly pressurized flame to take shape around steel arrows, which she sends down upon her opponents. Up close and when fighting nonbenders, she prefers to wrap flames around the guard and pommel to brutally punish an opponent's mistake with a pommel bash.

When forced to engage in combat with other benders, Noriko's battles style is very controlled and strategic.. She uses walls of flames to control the size of the battlefield and push her opponent into zones where they can either be more easily subdued, or less likely to cause too much damage.

Skills and Abilities
Archery, sword fighting, remaining cool under pressure, drinking people under the table

Playing chess, long naps, calm days in the city, calamari, getting buzzed, working with kids, meditating

Half of the idiots applying to become guards, hangovers, threats to the city, child slavers

Heterosexual Heteromantic

Republic City Guard Lieutenant

Ito Masaru was fierce, but kind. He was universally beloved by his fellow guards and citizens and begrudgingly respected by Republic City's criminals. Known as one of the most influential Captains in the history of Republic City, it is unsurprising that his eldest daughter was encouraged to follow in his footsteps.

Noriko's father was not cruel to her; in fact, he was an exceptional parent. His love for her and her siblings was plentiful and evident, but there was no questioning of his authority. He was as much of a captain to them as he was to the city guard. To Noriko, he was the most incredible man in the world and she would be lucky to work alongside him.

She grew up idolizing the guard. Even as her father came home at the end of the day, sometimes too exhausted to even speak to his wife or children, she still realized the importance of his job; after all, if there were no guards, who would protect them from lawlessness and slavers? Plus, being a guard was so exciting! You got to chase down bad guys and go on exciting adventures in the shadier parts of town. Why would anyone want to do anything else?

Noriko spent most of her childhood between taking care of her five siblings and honing both her Firebending and her temper. Her father continuously impressed upon her that no undisciplined, hotheaded fighter would be accepted into the guard. Keeping track of so many children helped develop her patience to a nearly inhuman level and fostered her love for the young and defenseless.

Upon turning eighteen, Noriko joined the force, but it was not the adventure she had imagined as a child. She was placed on a team focusing primarily on fighting the growing Pokemon theft and trafficking, a group child Noriko would have originally thought to be her dream assignment, but she quickly found the reality of law enforcement not to be quite what she had anticipated.

The sights she saw, Pokemon beaten and emaciated from hunger, covered in welts and blood, began to fill her nightmares. She would stay awake for days on end, fearing the visions that came to her in her sleep. Only drinking to the point of blacking out keeps the images out of her head.

Torracat ● Male ● Intimidate ● Great

Nekoma is Noriko's partner and, as such is filled with a strong sense of justice and obedience. He trusts her to know right from wrong, even if she doesn't explain her actions at first. He was grown up within the community of the guard and is also capable of acting on his own, although not as efficiently as when under Noriko's direction. Nekoma occasionally takes it too far and has been known to rough up criminals more than ordered to.


Ember, Growl, Lick, Scratch, Leer, Fire Fang, Double Kick, Roar, Bite, Fury Swipes, Flamethrower, Scary Face, Flame Charge TM, Acrobatics TM, Shadow Claw TM, Will-O-Wisp TM, Heat Wave TM

Tyrunt ● Male ● Strong Jaw ● Normal

Tamago makes for the perfect guard Pokemon, when he grabs down, he never lets go. He was rescued during a drug bust and has lived with Noriko ever since. Due to abuse as a baby, he hasn't quite reached emotional maturity and suffers from extreme attachment anxiety, but he is greatly loved his trainer and would do anything to protect her. Tamago excels in taking down his enemies with his powerful headbutt.


Tackle, Roar, Tail Whip, Stomp, Bide, Stealth Rock, Bite, Charm, Ancient Power, Dragon Tail, Horn Drill, Bulldoze TM, Sandstorm TM, Rock Tomb TM


Noriko was raised to be the perfect soldier; courteous, rational, and disciplined. She puts her job and the safety of her city before everything else and is loyal, to a fault, to the men and women underneath her command. Don't expect much conversation, as she rarely says more than she is expected to. She loves children, hoping to have many of her own one day and finds crimes against them especially heinous. Her strict demeanor completely disappears when she's around kids. Noriko has a tendency to be cold to people at first but if you catch her on a good day, you have one hell of a drinking buddy.

Surprisingly, she is slow to anger, but a temper definitely boils beneath her cold and collected exterior. Many new recruits have heard stories of what happens should they break discipline or find themselves on the wrong side of their lieutenant; such recruits rarely stick around for promotion. Drunk Noriko is a whole other beast; she's loud, boisterous, and overly-friendly, prone to touching people. Thankfully for as often as she is intoxicated, she is the definition of a happy drunk.


Noriko is absurdly loyal to those she befriends, but it takes a while to get there. She has many acquaintances, and even more drinking buddies; the way to her heart is through a foamy pint of beer.


As Lieutenant, Noriko has made plenty of enemies., from the Black Arbok to the Klefki. Many citizens also feel spurned by her to-the-letter adherence to the law, and even more hate her for imprisoning friends and family. Others may dislike her behavior when she is intoxicated, and several members of the bureaucratic side of the guard think her alcoholism makes her unfit for the Lieutenant's position.


For as stand-offish as sober Noriko is, drunk Noriko takes home quite a lot of men. she is a big fan of one-night stands, as they grant her a temporary feeling of love and affection that she is so terribly lacking in her day-to-day life. She says she isn't looking for anything serious, that love and marriage would take too much of her attention away from her job, but one day she would really like to have a family.

Reward Records
x x
love, libby

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 Posted: Feb 28 2018, 04:52 PM
is played by Icarus.

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