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 2 Feb: Battling/bending clarifications
 Posted: Feb 2 2018, 10:10 AM
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Hey y'all, I've added the following clarification to the Game Mechanics battling page and Setting Info page regarding the intersections of battling and bending:

Bending and Battles

In proper matches between trainers and Pokemon, using bending to interfere with a match is considered unethical, and can get one disqualified immediately in official battles. Similarly, getting a Pokemon to attack humans is considered a despicable act, and often results in arrest and legal persecution. Of course, these rules change in moments of extreme danger where self-defence becomes of dire importance.

It is important to note that these rules exist for fairness and safety. Out in the wild, where wild Pokemon may attack at any time, benders and Pokemon are known to work together if they are confronted by overwhelming threats.

This means that in situations outside of official battles and the legal complications mentioned above, such as in wild Pokemon encounters, it's common for trainers to step in and influence battles indirectly with their bending. The main match-up should still be in between Pokemon, since human bodies are simply not built to take extreme amounts of stress, but bender trainers and their Pokemon may work more freely outside the bounds of human safety and battle etiquette to overcome larger threats.

I also added the following clarification to the Battling post:
Types, Weaknesses, Resistances, Abilities

Type matchups, such as weaknesses, resistances and immunities, as well as Abilities, should all be factored into consideration. However, since this RP prioritises realistic narrative-style battling, Pokemon physiology and the laws of physics have much greater importance on O&TS.

For instance, even though Pokemon like Beedrill are not Flying-type and don't have access to Levitate, they are clearly adept in the air, and should be able to avoid ground-based moves like Earthquake quite easily. On a similar note, since Ground moves like Mud Shot can clearly be launched like projectiles, they stand a good chance of hitting Pokemon in the sky even though Flying/Levitating Pokemon would avoid them in-game.

I understand this might be confusing, so please do ask if anything doesn't seem to make sense!
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