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29 Jan: Apply to be a Gym Leader!

4 Feb: Minimum Age Clarification
2 Feb: Clarifications on Bending/Battling

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 Apply to be a Gym Leader!, Hiring one for each element!
 Posted: Jan 10 2018, 01:20 PM
is played by Icarus.

100 years ♦ Male ♦ 5 posts

Gym Leaders

Gym Leaders are elite Pokemon trainers who are often also master benders of their own element. In the Republic, Gym Leaders are prominent community members who mentor, nurture and challenge young trainers and benders. They help to strengthen the Republic's ties to the four elemental cultures while developing new ways of thinking for life in the future.


First, please read the league guide and battle mechanics pages to get a good understanding of what a Gym Leader's job is like. Then, write an application for a character in which you explain how your character became a prominent figure in their community, and PM me to let me know you want them to be considered for the job!


Since Gym Leaders will be a critical part of the RP's structure, here's what we're looking for:
  • great writing: good grammar and skilfulness at writing action threads
  • participation: should be able to post in gym threads at least twice a week


To thank you for contributing to O&TS, each gym battle will award with battle credits worth twice the number of Pokemon used by you in that match, that you may apply to any of your own characters' Pokemon. For instance, after an Ultra-rank battle, you will get 4 Pokemon * 2 = 8 battle credits, that you may use on any of your own Pokemon.


Sure! Just PM me!
 Posted: Feb 4 2018, 11:13 AM
is played by Icarus.

100 years ♦ Male ♦ 5 posts


Questions by Jello -- thank you!

Are the gym leaders able to interact outside of their gym? Are they able to journey around the other routes and interact with other characters and wild Pokémon? Or are they confined to their gym threads?

Yes! These Gym Leaders are first and foremost proper characters, who also happen to work as Gym Leaders. While offering battles and mentoring trainers will indeed constitute a substantial amount of their IC activity, they definitely have the chance to explore their own growth!

Are the gym leaders able to have personal teams outside of the Pokémon they use for the gym ranks?

Yes! These Gym Pokemon can be seen as League-approved Pokemon that are carefully calibrated to different levels of Trainer proficiency. They are not, however, the Leaders’ personal Pokemon!

On a similar note, can the gym Pokémon be brought out of the gym?

Generally not — they are “use only in the gym” type of Pokemon, and are not part of the Leader’s personal team.

Will you ever open it up to more than one gym leader per element?

I feel like this is possible in the site’s future plans, but not for now. It's certainly on the long-term radar, especially if demand for battles eventually exceeds supply — what a joyous problem!

What qualifications would you be looking for in a member for a gym leader? I do see the good writing, as well as the commitment of at least two gym posts a week. But do you consider length of time on the site, activity with other characters, etc etc?

For now, I think we’re mainly looking for players who are level-headed and drama-free. That’s the key to setting us up for long-term enjoyment for all!

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