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4 June: Welcome Back: Patch Your Characters!

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 [IMPT] The Grand Patch!
 Posted: Jun 3 2018, 01:18 PM
is played by Icarus.

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Dear returning members: welcome back, and thank you for your patience! We are rebooting O&TS with streamlined rules and game mechanics, refocusing our commitment to engaging writing. Here's a quick run-down of the main changes, although you might wanna run through the relevant threads to get the full details.
  • Levels and Evolving: We're ditching numbers and going back to basics: Pokemon grow and evolve solely through narrative progression. Please visit the link for specific changes to evolutions and movepools.
  • Catching Pokemon: This process will now be 100% run by volunteers, from generating the WPs to deciding capture success.
  • The Region Dex: Pokemon now come in Common, Uncommon and Rare varieties.
  • Gym Battles: Characters must now challenge the gyms in a modified version of the Avatar Cycle.
  • Cash System: Let's let the system track our numbers for us! Each IC post earns you one yuan/元, which you can exchange for IC prizes. Members can also earn cash through Wild Pokemon volunteers and player referrals. New members begin with 10 free credits.
  • Templates: We now use variations on a single template, which hopefully makes writing posts easier for everyone!
  • Discord: We're also much more Discord-reliant, and we've moved our plotting, tagging and staff help/questions to the Discord channel.

Patching Your Characters

As you can see, all characters have been moved into an archive. Here are the steps you need to take to patch your character into our new system:

  1. Go to your application thread in the relevant archive subforum.
  2. Delete the parts of the application code that correspond to the Reward Records and Reply To Me sections, i.e. the parts circled in blue. (Don't worry about the Reward Records: see the next section.)

  3. Following the update regarding evolutions, levels and moves, we are removing the previous Rank system. So, please delete the parts of your character's Pokemon data that indicate the Pokemon's Rank. In other words, this is the code your Pokemon data should fit:

    <table id="poke">
      <th><img src="sprite image url here"></th>
    <div class="pokemonname">name</div>
    <div class="pokemon">species ● gender ● ability </div>
    Description of Pokemon here
    Moves here

  4. Next, please reassign your Pokemon's moves. Please look up the Movesets section of this post for the long-form explanation, but in brief, Pokemon may now access all their level-up moves in addition to three Move Tutor/TM moves.
  5. Once this is done, please post in the #patchme channel in our Discord with a link to your app, and I will move it back into its original subforum once I check the app.
  6. On your post on the #patchme channel, please also include the number of reward credits you previously got from things like the advertising campaign so I can add that to your total!

What's in it for me?

  • Patch Rewards! Upon successful patching, your character will receive fifteen post credits. This makes up for the ten free credits that new characters will receive from here on out, plus an extra five for loyalty's sake.
  • Wipe the slate clean: Regardless of how you've spent your post credits in the past, let's just assume none of them were ever spent. Your beginning credit count will be the number of IC posts you have made thus far, before accounting for the 15-credit patch reward.

Thanks so much for your patience and continued trust in us. If you have questions, just look for us on Discord!

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