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 [PLOT] Super Wild Pokemon!
 Posted: Jun 5 2018, 11:22 PM
is played by Icarus.

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Super Wild Pokemon!

It's quiet... too quiet.

Super Wild Pokemon are appearing across Republic City! Unusually strong and aggressive, Super Wilds are a menace that will take the combined powers of Trainers and Pokemon to defeat. Will you make it out of the woods unscathed?

Credit for this Site Event goes to OldMute, who plays Akira Abano!

  • Super Wilds are Pokemon that possess unnatural power and bloodlust. Despite whatever evolutionary stage they might be at, each Super Wild is as powerful as a fully evolved Mega Pokemon. Super Wild eyes glow with an electric blue energy signature that flares up into a full-body aura during battle.
  • Super Wilds are a new phenomenon. That is, your character will not have heard about them on the news or through rumours. The term “Super Wild” has yet to be coined by the press as well. Thus, your character should not be out hunting for them on purpose!
  • Super Wilds can appear wherever Wild Pokemon can appear. They cannot, however, be caught; their mysterious aura destroys Pokeball capture mechanisms. Travellers should escape once an opportunity presents itself.
How to Play
  • Super Wilds function much like Wild Pokemon requests, except that players must request specifically for a Super Wild encounter. To do that, include [SUPER] in your thread title instead of [WILD], and mention in the #openthreads channel that you’re looking for a Super Wild.
  • The Volunteer will RNG the Pokemon as per normal, but may skip the Shiny RNG because Super Wilds aren't catchable anyway. Whatever the Pokemon generated may be, it will be as powerful as if it were a Mega Evolved Pokemon of the highest strength. This means that the Super Wild may use up to four two-move combos, and are slow to fatigue.
  • With great power, however, also comes great hubris. Super Wilds generally exchange accuracy for strength, and can be defeated with ingenuous coordination.
  • Unlike usual battles, Super Wilds are a true threat to life and limb. Thus, it is expected that Benders will enter the battle alongside their Pokemon.
  • A word of friendly advice for volunteers: Super Wilds are powerful, but please resist the possibility of god-modding/power-playing! Even though Super Wilds are lopsidedly powerful, please keep things as fair as you can for each other.

The Tag Team Bonus
  • The Super Wild plot will also bring players together in team quests that promise greater rewards for all! Up to two Trainers may go up against a Super Wild in a single thread, combining their powers for the common good. Interested players should coordinate OOC before looking for a Volunteer.

  • Upon completing a Super Wild thread, each member, both Trainers and Volunteers, will receive 15 post credits, as well as random rewards disbursed upon completion. These rewards are Admin RNGed and will range from free TM moves to free Pokemon, and other exciting things... //
  • Upon completing a Super Wild thread with a total of three members in them (including the Volunteer), each member will receive 20 post credits afterwards!

Final Words

All the best to you, and stay safe! Feel free to ask Icarus if you have any questions!
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