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League Battles: Get Z-Rings!
Super Wild Pokemon: Get Z-Crystals!

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 Challenge the League Officer!
 Posted: Aug 1 2018, 11:01 AM
is played by Icarus.

100 years ♦ Male ♦ 7 posts
♦ 9 元

Z-Rings for Grabs!

After the sudden appearance of Super Wild Pokemon, it was discovered that these creatures dropped crystals charged with incredible elemental power! Dubbed Z-Crystals, these items are amulets of power in the right hands, and dangers in the hands of unskilled trainers.

To solve this problem, the League has worked with the current Avatar to produce Z-Rings, Energybending devices that tap into the power of Z-Crystals, converting their energy into superpowered attacks called Z-Moves. League Officer Aditya Ahuja has been assigned to test Z-Crystal holders who consider themselves worthy of possessing a Z-Ring. A master Earthbender and famed battler, Aditya is friendly, confident but sharply discerning. Who will he find worthy of the Z-Rings?

EVENT: Battle Aditya, Win a Z-Ring!

Characters who possess a Z-Crystal may challenge Aditya to a match. These matches will proceed as if they were Gym Battles. These will be either 3-on-3 or 4-on-4 battles, and should be decided prior to the match.

Rewards: Characters who win these battles will win 30 credits as well as a Z-Ring!

Volunteers: Aditya will be played by volunteers. If you're interested in playing him, please ask Icarus for the password! (It's the same as the Wild Pokemon password!) Volunteers will get an incentive of 40 credits!


  1. Challengers, reply to this thread saying you're interested in a match. You should also post in our Discord, in #plotting and/or #openthreads to catch our eye!
  2. Volunteers, please respond in this thread and on Discord.
  3. Challengers, please post an IC thread in this forum.
  4. Volunteers, please engage IC!
  5. After a completed challenge, please claim your rewards here!
Conclusion: I hope this will be a fun and challenging activity for all! Please contact me on Discord if you have questions!

League Officer Aditya
 Posted: Aug 1 2018, 11:13 AM
is played by Volunteers.

34 years ♦ He ♦ 1 posts
♦ 11 元

aditya ahuja
Aditya Ahuja, Master Earthbender, Republic City League Officer.
About Aditya

After the discovery of Z-Crystals, League Officer Aditya Ahuja has been tasked with distributing Z-Rings to worthy wielders! Aditya is friendly and confident, but expects the absolute best from challengers. He's an unbreakable force of will on the arena, delighting in the intensity of a good hot fight!

About the Arena

The Arena is set upon a plateau that overlooks Republic City. It is a handsome round arena that's charged with an aura of possibility and vibrant energy. Not pictured in video: the round arena is surrounded by a moat that gives swimming Pokemon a good playing ground!


Battles with Aditya will be carried out as if they were Gym Battles. For general gym guidelines, please look here.

Aditya will use Pokemon that match the strength of his challengers' Pokemon. Challengers may use any Pokemon they want, and Aditya will choose Pokemon of commensurate ability. Thus, before a battle, challengers should disclose which Pokemon they will use (be it in IC or OOC) so that Aditya may assemble his team. In response, Aditya will disclose the team he's chosen before the battle formally begins.

Totodile ● Female ● Sheer Force

Strong, devious, unforgiving.


All level-up moves, as well as: Brick Break, Dragon Claw, Ice Beam.

Houndour ● Male ● Flash Fire

Yappy, playful.


All level-up moves, as well as: Sludge Bomb, Thunder Fang, Iron Tail.

Rhyhorn ● Male ● Rock Head

Stubborn, fiesty.


All level-up moves, as well as: Thunderbolt, Smart Strike, Ice Beam.

Natu ● Male ● Magic Bounce

Chirpy, bouncy, bright and sunny.


All level-up moves, as well as: Shadow Ball, Giga Drain, Dazzling Gleam.

Xatu ● Male ● Magic Bounce

Dignified, serene, optimistic.


All level-up moves, as well as: Giga Drain, Dazzling Gleam, Shadow Ball.

Monferno ● Male ● Iron Fist

Rash, proud, brazen.


All level-up moves, as well as: Thunder Punch, Power-Up Punch, Gunk Shot.

Golduck ● Female ● Swift Swim

Timid, hides before hitting back.


All level-up moves, as well as: Rain Dance, Ice Beam, Psychic.

Krokorok ● Female ● Intimidate

Slow to anger, motherly.


All level-up moves, as well as: Sludge Bomb, Thunder Fang, Aqua Tail.

Krookodile ● Female ● Intimidate

Wrathful; nice until provoked!


All level-up moves, as well as: Sludge Bomb, Aqua Tail, Superpower.

Noivern ● Female ● Infiltrator

Swift, violent, unpredictably angry.


All level-up moves, as well as: Wild Charge, Flamethrower, Steel Wing.

Feraligatr ● Female ● Torrent

Terrifyingly strong. Waits to strike, and does so to kill.


All level-up moves, as well as: Blizzard, Earthquake, Superpower.

Infernape ● Male ● Blaze

Trickster, as swift as the wind, keen striker.


All level-up moves, as well as: Shadow Claw, Earthquake, Gunk Shot.

love, libby

Hanko Rae
 Posted: Aug 6 2018, 01:50 PM
is played by Tomackze.

21 years ♦ Female ♦ 41 posts
♦ 139 元

Hanko is definitely interested in a battle
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